Wanting to write a positive notice?

You may find it hard going, especially if you have to write several for a book-festival brochure. Every book in your festival is good or it wouldn’t be featured, but every book is good in its own way. The trick is to ring the changes. Fortunately, some ready-made words and phrases already exist. This is a small selection. Feel free to rape and pillage for your own fell purposes.

hilarious and heartbreaking
steeped in psychological tension
a fleet-footed paean
breath-taking ability
a coruscating analysis
an evocative memoir
pin-sharp, hilarious snapshots
a deliciously sharp sense of humour
compelling insight
by turns tragic and hilarious
riveting and horrifying in equal measure
a complex and rewarding tale
a razor-sharp collection of stories
profoundly moving
astute and perceptive
a riveting and moving tale
a dystopian tale
startlingly original
playfully innovative
deceptively simple
deeply moving
succinct and highly personal
lyrical, subversive and hilarious
a captivating tale of betrayal and revenge
a sensitive evocation


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