Marion Bartoli Retires

Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli (Photo credit: mirsasha)

Marion has just announced that she is retiring from tennis on the grounds that her body can’t take it any more. She is twenty-eight.

Some years back a fitness instructor told me I should ‘listen to my body’. Well I did, and didn’t much care for what it was saying. It seems likely that Marion has excellent hearing and is doing the right thing.

It has been said as recently as this morning that she doesn’t have many friends on the tour and only has 3,000 followers on Twitter. With the respect to the first of these points, having friends on the tour isn’t so easy, though there are some encouraging examples. Angie Kerber and Andrea Petkovic clearly get on very well. But how many friends does Serena have on the tour, or Maria? (Answers on a postcard please.)

As for the number of followers Marion has on Twitter – not many for a Wimbledon champion, I’m told – who cares? As far as I can tell, she is a delightful person and full of life. She certainly rose effortlessly, and with some style, above the crass comment made about her on BBC Radio 5 by a sports presenter whose achievements do not compare with hers.

As a tennis player Marion has made the most of what she had. How many of us, in our various walks of life, can say the same?


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