Reading Two Books At The Same Time

In fact, I sometimes have three going at the same time. It probably isn’t good idea, but here’s how it happens.

When I hit the sack of an evening I like to read for a while but, being in the sack, it has to be something relaxing. If it was heavy, I might well end up in a deep sleep too soon. So I go for a mystery or a crime novel.

During the day, I can handle something literary and/or more demanding. I found James Salter’s memoir, ‘Burning the Days’, rewarding but demanding – so I read it in short bursts during the day, but never in bed. Likewise Richard Ford’s novel ‘Canada’.

As for a third book, that would usually be non-fiction: Robbing a Bank for Dummies, How to Lose a Fortune on the Forex Market, Large Knot Macramé for Beginners.

Are your reading habits better than mine?


One thought on “Reading Two Books At The Same Time

  1. As my first ever blog post was:
    was on this subject. Later followed by another:
    I am full of understanding. I have a going to sleep read, a morning challenging/fun/whatever read and an after lunch (usually) non-fiction/research read, sometimes the sensation of too many ball in the air, leaves me with the juggler’s bends (I know, mixed metaphor – sorry).


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