I dedicate this book . . .

Many authors dedicate their books, often to named people that readers will know nothing about but will assume are important to the writer .Sometimes it is clear that book is dedicated to a husband, wife, son, daughter or parent.

But for the first time in my long reading career I have come across a writer dedicating her book to herself. She writes: This book is dedicated to me.

Has anyone else out there ever come across such a thing and, if so, what does it tell us about the author?



4 thoughts on “I dedicate this book . . .

    • My interpretation, for what it’s worth, is that the author – who had written a self-help book – was dedicating it to herself for her achievement in working herself up from the depths to the heights.

      She wasn’t just telling her readers how to do this, she had done it for herself. But in saying all that, I am working harder than she did to explain herself.


  1. No never, though I read in a blog recently (tried to track it down, but can’t find it) about a well-known author whose acknowledgements were to … Jane Austen, Robert Graves, etc. Which I thought was great.


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