The Waiting Room

Sometimes I come across things in the waiting room that I would never find otherwise, in publications such as Total Carp and Concrete Quarterly. I once came across a magazine called Celebrity Bodies but had the presence of mind not to open it.

Today’s offering took me aback (I am easily shocked). We have all seen pictures of Chinese people walking the streets with surgical masks on because the air quality in Beijing and Shanghai is dangerous to health and well-being. As always, there is someone waiting in the wings to take advantage of this, and that’s in addition to surgical mask makers.

Blossom 3 Ply Bacterial Filter Masks Elestic E...

Blossom 3 Ply Bacterial Filter Masks Elestic Earloop Face Mask Surgical Masks a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until last week I hadn’t heard of Mr Leo De Watts. Mr De Watts has come up with the wonderful idea of bottling clean air in various counties of England and selling it for £80 a time. De Watts recently took his marketing one step further with his Chinese New Year Special, retailing at 15 jars for £888.